We work with projects developers and sponsors to formulate a bankable commercial structure and financial plan, and assist in negotiating and executing the optimal funding structure.

We often become involved early in Project development and continue to work with the client through to a successful financial closing.


We assist a wide range of financial institutions, including commercial lenders, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, government financing agencies,… in the evaluation and negotiation of large Project transactions.


FCA works with state owned companies and other public sector’ entities to assess the economic and financial viability of developing strategically significant projects.


FCA WORLDWIDE ADVISORY SOLUTIONS is an independent advisory firm that provide a comprehensive range of services associated with the development, structuring, evaluation and execution of large financial solutions for projects around the globe.


  • High Quality’ client-focused advice firm with integrity.
  • Independent advice&development firm focused to corporate and project management services.
  • Development bespoke commercial and financial solutions that can adapt in a changing market for all projects, large or small.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams to deliver project objectives from initiation to closing.
  • Strong focus on infrastructure, real estate & green energy projects.
  • Determined to deliver the best current commercial and financial solutions on timetable.